A collective of filmmakers, photographers and media creators who live, work and create in the South.  We support and cultivate media about our communities that complicates Southern identity and grapples with the political and cultural heritage of our communities.


All Y'all wants to bring Southern voices front and center into the national discussions in America. We're a group of non-fiction makers who were born and bred and/or chose to make our work in the South and Appalachia because we believe that our proximity and experience with the stories we tell and the places we represent, makes for a richer and more intimate story experience. We make films, photos, interactive work that represents the South as a complex and diverse place that is shifting and transforming in front of our eyes. We are makers from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia, as well as Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. 




Spur collaboration among makers in the South: We want to see more documentary work come from the South and Appalachia. Are you working on a project and need support, crew, or talent? We're building a network of makers that you could collaborate with a make your project the best it can be.

Support, represent and amplify the voices of Southern makers: We believe that lived experiences and close proximity to the places we document, allows us to tell richer stories that are built on years of trust and connections with the people of our region. Are you a news outlet looking to tell a story in the South and Appalachia? If so, get in touch. We know all the secret places and the right folks with the best stories. Let's make sure you walk away with a story that goes beneath the surface and starts a conversation in the nation and world.

Share and promote Southern & Appalachian contemporary non-fiction work: We are creating digital and physical space(s) where we can help promote documentary work happening in the South. Send us your projects to be featured on our website and newsletter.



All Y'all was founded by Darcy McKinnon and Elaine McMillion Sheldon after they met at Sundance 2016.